man writing check

man writing check

Re-Order Checks

To give you greater options, we provide you with two different check vendors: Main Street and Deluxe.


If you would like to reorder checks, you’ll need to find out which company your original checks were ordered from. To do this, simply look on either the left side edge or the bottom edge of the check. In very small writing it will give you one of the two names mentioned above.

Once you have determined which check vendor prints your checks, click on their link below. Once you are at the check vendor’s website, choose the “Reorder Checks” or “Order Checks” option. You also may refer back to your check vendor to see the status of your order.

Clicking a vendor logo will redirect you to another site. CLB The Community Bank makes no endorsements or claims about the accuracy or content of the information contained in these sites. The security and privacy policies on these sites may differ from those of CLB The Community Bank.

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