corn field

corn field


No one understands the importance of our farmers better than we do.

Farmers are providers, not only to our local communities, but to people and places everywhere. That’s why here at CLB The Community Bank we take tremendous pride in being able to assist and provide for our farmers any way we can. Whether it be crop loans, crop insurance to protect those loans, information on commodities or weather, or even just a few shared tips or tricks, we do what we can to make sure we are doing our part in helping farmers continue to provide for families everywhere.


Crop Loans

If you are a crop owner or plan to be one, talk to one of our loan officers. We have several who are specialized in understanding the distinctive needs of a farmer and his crop. We also offer crop insurance to help protect your crop and yourself.


Crop Insurance

Wouldn’t it be easier to get your crop loan and your crop insurance under the same roof? CLB The Community Bank, partnered with AgriSompo North America, offers a full line of crop insurance for crop owners. We have 3 agents who are knowledgeable in crop insurance and can assist you with insuring your crop(s).

We are here to provide you with the services you need to keep your crop growing and protected.

If you have questions or inquiries about crop insurance, please contact us at 318-339-8571 and ask to speak with a crop insurance agent who can help with your crop insurance needs.