Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)

Building Communities One Relationship at a Time

We’re proud to be a CDFI

Since 1904, CLB The Community Bank has worked to help grow the communities around us. We are proud to be one of the few banks in Louisiana to become a certified CDFI. CDFI Certification, issued by the United States Treasury Department, requires designating at least 60 percent of financing activities to one, or more, low-to-moderate income or underserved communities. Our goal as a CDFI is grounded in our commitment to the shared prosperity and interest of the public.







How do CDFIs Contribute to the Community?

While each institution is different, CDFI Banks use deposits to help make investments in the communities they serve. These can range from home loans and auto loans to loans for small businesses. In addition, the U.S. Treasury awards grants and funds to CDFIs to support their work in marginalized and excluded communities.  Community is in our name and we are proud to be included in the list of organizations awarded these funds in order to present better opportunities for our customers and their future.



CDFIs Lend Where it Matters

Opportunity starts with access to capital through loans. These loans translate into the businesses, jobs, housing, and local facilities that are the foundation of the vibrant communities we all wish to live in. When CDFIs invest, the impact is meaningful for people and places.

66% Clients of Color

27% Rural Clients

85% Low-Income Clients


Equal Opportunity for All


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